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How to Live Happy

Pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is one of our most fundamental desires. For that reason, Chris and Kelly Watkins present to you, how to live happy! The Way to Happiness program is 21 Common Sense Steps that open the door to a higher and better way of life.  Accordingly, millions all over the world have discovered these steps do magical things to move their life in a more positive, enlightened position.

Naturally, you say, “but I have my religion.”  Perfect!  As you will see, every religion, religious leaders and every walk of life uses this tool.  “Respect the religious beliefs of others” is one of the precepts (general guideline) in TWTH, it is the key to allow the use of  The Way to Happiness with no conflicts between any faith.  The Way to Happiness actually bolsters, is a great tool to lift up and strengthen any religious congregation, any group and any area.

To demonstrate, here are factual examples of what the Way to Happiness program can do:

Bad Behavior to Good, How to Live Happy!

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A mother wrote the following after she discovered The Way to Happiness:

“My son was a very ill-behaved or bad child in school and at home, and was getting very bad grades. The school psychiatrist put him on Ritalin. He never got better and never felt well from the drug. Then one day I was handed The Way to Happiness book. I read it and I loved it. My son started reading it every day and also loved it. To make a long story short, my son is now 12 years old and through reading the book he started applying the principles he learned to change his behavior.

He decided that he was actually worth a lot as a human being and didn’t need a drug to be good. We got the doctor to get him off Ritalin successfully. He is now very well-behaved, loves life and he is getting good grades in school. He attributes it all to The Way to Happiness.” —A.B., Massachusetts, USA  

Reduce Crime in Your Country, How to Live Happy

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To illustrate, Colombia has 44 million people. The National Police Force gave the Way to Happiness to 20% to the population in Colombia. We compared the statistics of 2008 to the 2009 statistics of when we distributed the WTH, we found that the homicide rate was reduced by 62%, Automobile theft reduced 80%, Personal robbery reduced to 41%, Commercial theft reduced 23%.  Statistics show the Way to Happiness really reduced crime rates!  Total crime rate reduction in Colombia, reduced 50%  

Terrible Teenager to Terrific

“I was in a lot of trouble as a teenager.  I was one of those kids namelessly referred at the ‘problem out there.’  And it was true.  In trouble with the law, my school, my parents.  If I wasn’t destroying property, I was stealing something.   And believe me, I was not doing well personally… committing crimes, abusing alcohol, and I was getting into drugs.  My school reports contained As, but only in the word ‘absent.’                                                              blue sky, green fields, heart shaped cloud with a path to a brighter future.

One day, my parents left a copy of The Way to Happiness booklet on my bed, and I sat down and read it.  The book contained many ideas and concepts that I had always wanted to live up to but had failed at.  Even some real simple ones that I thought weren’t a problem for me, such as ‘Be Worthy of Trust’ but in fact I had failed at.  Something happened to me when I stared that cold hard fact in face and realized I was not worthy of trust. 

I decided to change and started making correct decisions in my life.  I am now quite a successful actor and composer.  In fact I had my first International World Premiere in Germany with the Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra. I support this program because I know if my parents hadn’t given me the book, I’d probably be in a cell right now.  That’s what the book did for me.  And if these concepts and the book can be gotten into the hands of others like me, I’ll back it up all the way” Actor and Composer, Germany  

Living Happy in Africa

“The Way to Happiness Training Program is a very significant program making a difference in lives of students and adults. Students are enabled to give answers about their dreams for the future.

For instance, Felex’s dream is that when he finishes his secondary education, he will become a carpenter. Felex likes drawings too, but Felix did not have a clear picture of how his future would be like before the training. Thanks to The Way to Happiness education, many other students like Felex have started realizing the importance of setting goals for their future and how to work towards achieving them.”  – Davis, Teacher of The Way to Happiness program in Uganda.

how to live happy, two young kids in a field, one black kid and one white kid.
  • likewise, students have made steps in better social behavior changes.
  • Chiefly, there is great improvement of good communication for students and adults who have undergone the training.
  • For example, Elen, a Way to Happiness advocate says, “Truth is, Way to Happiness is helping many people in Africa. Here in Africa we have got a lot of challenges: drop out of school, early marriage, etc. All those things are happening because of poverty.  The only solution we can use to make people to understand that they can have a better life is this book, the Way to Happiness. We change others lives through The way to Happiness! I am happy to be part of this group, because am also victim of some of the problems that young Youth face in Africa.” Elen in Malawi.



Tenants get Positive Outlook, Crime Reduces

“We’ve had a very good response from the people in our community since distributing The Way to Happiness.  Many people have called and asked for more copies to share with friends. At my sister’s housing project there were a lot of problems between tenants, disputes, lack of respect and a LOT of crime. 

I told the building manger about The Way to Happiness booklets, and then she gave them out at the monthly tenants meeting.  She told me that as a result she noticed a significant change in the way tenants were treating each other and it was a very positive change.  And the crime rate has been going down too.  This was because of the book. 

These are very definite results that I have personally seen, and there are more.  Thank you very much for the books, which we are using to improve our community!” Community Advocate, USA  

Asia, Nepal and the Philippians Living Happy

Beautiful Asian girl with henna painted on her hand covering one eye.

Jorge facilitated partnerships with Philippine Regional Police, the Department of Defense and The Way to Happiness Foundation. He made training a nationwide force of people possible, effectively changing for the better the hearts and minds of millions across the country.

  • In Nepal, Rabin reported, “The children said that they were really happy to learn about the Happiness program. They told me they didn’t learn that type of content in their school.”
  • In addition, a teacher in Nepal changes his life for the better, “I feel completely motivated by the precepts of the moral code included in the Way to Happiness course. I recommend all of you to visit and learn, you can change yourself for the better. You can live your life very happy and prosper. Life is beautiful and you can see and feel your survival is important for yourself and your family. Enjoy  life, you can live happy.”


Peace and Happiness in the Middle East

Undoubtedly, a lot of other countries around the world are learning how to live happy, like Pakistan.  For example, a Pakistan organizer says, “research suggests that happiness is a combination of how satisfied you are with your life (for example, finding meaning in your work) and how good you feel on a day-to-day basis. 

In addition, you have the ability to control how you feel—and with consistent practice, you can form life-long habits for a more satisfying and fulfilling life, that is why we use the Way to Happiness program.”

  • Subsequently, A teacher in Pakistan delivered the Way to Happiness lessons to thousands of children.  They obtained booklets and attended workshops on How to make Good Choices, a simpler version for kids, based on The way to Happiness.
  • Furthermore, a Pakistan Team has now trained over 150,000 students and teachers on Way to Happiness principals. WOWWWWW! Well done to Mr. Barkat the teacher who is in charge of the team, making lives better in Pakistan!
large group of Pakistan kids holding copies of the Way to Happiness.




Get The Way to Happiness Instantly!

woman happy with arms out sunny day, with Live Happy for words, get free way to happiness Naturally, you too can get learn how to live happy and get these amazing wins and successes with the Way to Happiness.

Immediately, get The Way to Happiness program and watch the video free, here,

21 Steps to Happiness.  Chris and Kelly Watkins give you the Way to Happiness program: 1. Take Care of Yourself 2. Be Temperate 3. Don’t Be Promiscuous 4. Love and Help Children 5. Honor and Help Your Parents 6. Set A Good Example 7. Seek To Live With The Truth 8. Do Not Murder 9. Don’t Do Anything Illegal 10. Support A Government Designed and Run For All The People 11. Do Not Harm A Person Of Good Will 12. Safeguard And Improve Your Environment 13. Do Not Steal 14. Be Worthy of Trust 15. Fulfill Your Obligations 16. Be Industrious 17. Be Competent 18. Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others 19. Try Not To Do Things To Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do To You 20. Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You 21. Flourish And Prosper



Chris and Kelly Watkins live in the USA. We do all we can to make the world a better place.  Consequently, you can see my way to Happiness Intro Video, see me the author of this blog, how The Way to Happiness program has helped me,

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