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Initial Coin Offering of PeaceCoin

This crypto currency is moving fast!  Get in before this crypto PeaceCoin goes public.  This is the initial coin offering of PeaceCoin.  Get in before the coin sky rockets in price, takes off and buying it gets too expensive!

Are you looking for a way to make money in several different ways?  This is your answer!

image of initial coin offering peacecoin


Initial coin offering of PeaceCoin, you get:


  • 2 physical silver coins
  • 1k Crypto coins gift
  • Crypto Academy- Webinars answering questions and showing you that through peace coin you can spread more peace and earn money doing it!
  • Peacecoin Buyers Club- buy silver, get gifted crypto
  • Live Customer Service around the clock and around the globe, 24/7
  • Peacecoin is 100% secure.
  • Independent Business Ownership allows you to share Peace coin products and services with others. Meanwhile, making you eligible for referral commission.  This means earn money to live on!
  • A stream of income coming to you.


Peace Coin will go up in value, fast!

I’m not an expert or professional crypto advisor, but what I do is tell people to take advantage of this monthly deal with the gifted PeaceCoins, along the humanitarian purpose.  The MLM is good, but it is very secondary to me, why?  Because PeaceCoin will go up in value and in a short time, this precious opportunity to get that many crypto in your wallet will disappear, we will be lucky if we receive 50 coins (my own humble opinion.)  Because when it goes live, the amount of the PeaceCoin, that they gift us with, either the $99 or the $125, will be based on the market value of PeaceCoin.

So now is a good time to fill your wallets with a lot of these – for now 300 are gifted, which is a lot!

It doesn’t take long.  You get back more than you give and it is totally safe.

peace symbol on a mother board


How PeaceCoin Pushes Peace

When you sign up for PeaceCoin you are supporting the following:

Starting in the United States, 17 trade schools will be built that will be dedicated to under served communities.  These Trade schools are first being built in the cities of Los Angeles and Chicago.


Experience Initial Coin Offering PeaceCoin                    50 second introduction      60 second clip,  how the coin brings peace


This is an Initial coin offer

This new crypto Peace coin is not open to the public yet.  Get in now while it is cheap!  When it hits the public, the price is going to sky rocket, it will be too expensive to buy.  Get in now and track your money rising and growing daily.


Steps to get in Instantly!


0.  Sign up, use the promotion code:  KellBell

1.  Go to

2.  Hit “Get Started”

3.  Enter referral/sponsor username code:  KellBell


The Peace Coin People
Chris and Kelly Watkins

image the peace coin people, chris and kelly Watkins in front of a silver coin


P.S.  The world is waking up to a battle of good vs. evil.  Peace Coin forwards the good!




There is no financial advice given here.  You are responsible for your own life, commitment and earnings.  Also, Get 21 common sense, ethical steps to happiness, click here. 




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