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Happiness and Self Improvement- 7 Real Life Stories

Happiness and Self Improvement

Everyone knows being happy is healthy and during these times it is more important than ever to stay happy so that you are healthy.  In addition, in the middle of all this instability and uncertainty it is best to make use of your time to get ahead in life.  FREE Self improvement classes await youChris and Kelly Watkins give you Happiness and self improvement steps instantly!

Solutions have been discovered!

Chris and Kelly Watkins give you tools, technology and skills, for free so you can have better opportunities and successes in your life and future.  I ask you this, what do you most want to improve in your life?  Read on to hear real life success stories and find out how you can move your condition up in life


Robert Brings

Better Morals and Values to Society! ?

Happiness and Self Improvement come about on the radio, The Way to Happiness and Volunteer Minister technology is shared regularly by Robert.  Robert brings hope and encouragement 

Robert on the Radio promotes the way to happiness program of Happiness and Self Improvementto many lives. Robert found Kelly Watkins on Facebook and immediately he started applying the social betterment programs he got from her. He started to give stories of happiness and self improvement lectures to his local refugee camp people and also traveled around to other districts to share the technology.

Now he is going several times a month to a radio station, Radio Tembo FM in Uganda. He  says, sometimes he gets more than 20 callers, calling in, saying he is providing a good program and information for them.  I have coached him and gone over the very important precept (precept is a general rule or guideline) for Africa which is, Don’t be Promiscuous. Due to the large amount orphans in Africa, Robert and I agree that this, The Way to Happiness value, Don’t be Promiscuous, is super important and will be helpful to strengthen it.




Happiness and Self Improvement

Tiade a teacher and Civic Leader in Africa says,Tiade a teacher in Ivory Coast holding Way To Happiness poster, Happiness and Self Improvement
“This morning I have a small tale for you…  It’s the story of a fisherman ?
Once upon a time, a black fisherman. He went fishing.  He expected to catch fish. What could be more normal?
He threw his net in the river. When he pulled his net out of the water, the net was empty. He was disappointed.
But something very strange caught his eye. Strange because he had never seen it in his life. He put it in his basket and stop fishing.
On the way back home, the thing start shining. He hadn’t noticed it because we were in broad daylight. He put it in his house and went out.
It was dark and he came back home. From afar, he saw his house lit up. He came closer because he thought that his house was burning…  But no!
The Light
It was the strange thing he caught in the river which was shining.  It was a soft light which brought also soft air and it was free!
He didn’t pay for that and wondered if he was dreaming.  Wondering if it’s possible to have free soft light and soft air in this world.
He realized that now, it’s possible!
Well, the shining thing is you, Kelly WATKINS, and the black fisherman is me.
Thank you so much for sending me the light, The Way to Happiness.
Since I met you something has changed in my life. You have this power.
When you wake up, birds in the sky will sing for you.
Keep shining in our lives. Your aim is to light up the world by your love.  Look now the number of friends you have all around the world.

Happiness Story Author, Tiade

Tiade is a teacher, Civic Leader, reaching hundreds in his country, making the world better using the LRH technology of Way to Happiness and Youth for Human Rights materials as well as other Scientology tools online such as Scientology Volunteer Ministers. Kelly Watkins introduced Tiade to LRH technology through her tireless social media dissemination.


Better Values Program Taught to Students

Creating a big impact with our future generation is Ayebare.  He writes, “Hello Kelly, receive warm greetings from me Ayebare in Africa. I wish to extend my sincere thanks to you for your time that you entrusted to me, asteacher standing with student holding the way to happiness book, chalk board holds way to happiness program, Happiness and Self Improvement you’ve helped me to know and understand The Way to Happiness program. In addition, I have great appreciation for the free the Way to Happiness learning materials you sent to me.  I delayed distributing the materials due to the lockdown in my country, but at least now it has eased somehow. That is why I started the program about The Way to Happiness by distributing the books. On the first day, thirteen learners (13) were present and received the learning books whereby they appreciated and welcomed the program with lots of pleasure.
I’m humbled to have you as my great friend.  I request you to help me reach my dream that is ‘to be a blessing to others, especially children’  I love children ministry so much and I have been with them for 9 years. You may not help me with money, but you helped me reach my dream in one way or the other with the free online classes and technology and even free Human Rights program you have.
Thanks for your response may God bless.
Kind regards!”  -Ayebare

You can Teach Our Youth Basic Values

Teaching youth basic common sense values, like the above example, is easy because all the material contained in the Way to Happiness and the children’s booklet version of the Way to Happiness called, Making Good Choices is Non-Secular!  That means, it does not mix or conflict religion with regular teaching in schools.  Furthermore, what is exciting is the kids version of the Way to Happiness called, How to Make Good Choices, it is much simpler to understand.  Down load your free How to Make Good Choices ebook here.  Incorporate it into your curriculum at local schools or while you home school.  This is non secular, not relating to any religion.  That is why it is so perfect it can be taught anywhere to anyone.  For instance, this is the perfect way to counteract Critical Race Theory, CRT.


“The Way to Happiness spoke to my Soul!”

Teacher discovers The Way to Happiness and teaches his students the WTH, a 21 step program to common sense living.  More stories of happiness and self improvement…
Tiade teaching his class in Ivory Coast about the Way to Happiness, Happiness and Self Improvement
The Way to Happiness Spoke to my SouGets WTH with guidance fr

He says, “The first lesson I taught the students was: Take Care of Yourself.

In French, “prenez soin de vous.” It was like the message was speaking to me directly!

When we came back from the holidays, we covered all The Way to Happiness  lessons.  It was very touching.  It’s really touching the first lesson.
Now I realize what you, Kelly Watkins, are able to do.
You’re very powerful.
You’re mighty.
Your booklet speaks directly to my
I told my students that the booklet will help them to build a new person inside themselves.  The students were very happy. They wanted to have more booklets!”  – Tiadé Lassiné
students of Tiade's holding Way to Happiness books in Ivory Coast class room, Happiness and Self Improvement
Students of Tiade’s learning WTH lessons and holding Way to Happiness booklets in classroom


  • The Way to Happiness is a 21 step common sense guide to better living.
  • Comes in 17 languages!
  • Millions of people all over the world achieve happiness using these steps.

Kato Brings Hope and Knowledge to his Community!

picture of Kato sharing knowledge, Happiness and Self ImprovementKato says, “I hope to get this knowledge of how to handle any kind of work going big in the community and lead them to success in the future.  Honestly many people gets tired and angry of handling people who hate work, but I thank you for the lessons I have learned. I am emphasizing the lessons to the youth in my community also. The lessons of Tools for the Workplace was very interesting really.  I learn what confusion is and how to overcome confusion. Your lessons are very interesting.  I am busy teaching them and last week I helped the helpless by giving them food and I helped the elderly and blind people also.  I am really teaching them, also I shared with them about confusion and told them to always get something to make them busy.”

Tiade Mentors Young Man toward Success ?

Do you know of someone struggling and looking for answers?  Here are tools you can use to help the ones you love.  Some of us are doing ok in life and we are able to be strong for others and lift them up, then mentoring is for you.  Here are the tools for you, 19 free online Life Improvement classes:

Story of MentoringTiade mentors a young guy picture says volunteer minister improves life in Ivory coast

For Instance, Tiade reports, “Here is the young man, see picture below.  He called me and told me that he needed my help.  He wants to succeed in life.  I’ve sent him the link to Volunteer Minster FREE Life Skills online classes and showed him the steps to follow in our French language.” Tiade mentored and guided the young man to rise up in life.  I talk to Tiade who is a teacher and civic leader in Sierra Leone.  He says, “Great! Kelly Watkins, you make me a mentor.”   “When I first met you, Kelly, I knew that you will make me improving something somewhere.”  – Tiade

Success Solving Marriage and Relationships Problems

picture of Ahmad from Pakistan words say, Relationship success with Free online classes

Ahmad was searching for answers in how to have a happy successful relationship.  He got his free class from, Kelly Watkins in Los Angeles, USA.  Ahmad in Pakistan tells his win, “The FREE online class on how to have a successful relationship and marriage tells us there are many lies people have from each other behind failed marriages and relationships.  It tells us how to fix it.  This is good information.  Many people lose their interest with each other. The lies and secrets they have between each other is a cause of their marriage and relationship failure.”
Chris and Kelly Watkins in USA, bring a new idea to the world, 80% of people can change for the better, we give tools and technology for free so you can rise up.
Get your FREE online class, click link:

JB Improves his Life, Shares The Way to Happiness with Others! ?

⭐️ JB’s teacher, Tiade, in Ivory Coast got the WTH from Kelly Watkins in LA.  Now, Tiade’s student JB is receiving the benefit of these lessons!
young man holds the way to happiness booklet in Siera Leone
Student JB promotes the Way to Happiness

“JB is highly motivated and wants to share with others the life changing education from The Way to Happiness

He likes that one of the Way to Happiness lessons is Safeguard and Improve your Environment that is an important lesson to be shared in his community.  Quoting directly from the Way to Happiness it says:  Help Take Care of the Planet” The idea that one has a share in the planet and that one can and should help care for it may seem very large and, to some, quite beyond reality. But today what happens on the other side of the world, even so far away, can effect what happens in your own home.

That above is why JB likes that lesson so much.  It is a new idea to some that the planet should be respected and protected.




Bring Freedom to Your Country

To learn more about what the 21 steps can do for you and your country, community and area to bring freedoms and happiness visit:

Bring Back Basic American Values



Chris and Kelly Watkins in USA, bring a new idea to the world, 80% of people can change for the better, we give tools and technology for free so you can rise up.  There are many tools here for every type of situation, save and bookmark this blog, study it well, share it and visit it often.
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