Bring Back Basic American Values

Bring Back Basic American Values


Our American Values are Under Attack, Fight Back!

As you might have noticed, American values are under attack. We are suffering an erosion of our traditional values.  We can bring back basic American values!  I’m here to give you the tools to counteract this lowering of values and standards.  I have a super tool that will bolster and uphold the American values we so cherishA common sense guide to better living.   Similarly, due to the constant erosion of values in our school systems and in many of our social institutions, we need to counteract this and act fast to spread long cherished values that reinforce why it is people love and all want to come to this country.

top half of image, picture of home made bomb. Bottom half image person studying this is the kind of revolution we need, education of bringing back basic American values.
We need a basic American values education revolution!

I’m talking about lawlessness, lack of morals, one set of rules for people in power and one set for the common man.   In contrast, honesty, integrity, loyalty and respect for others is seemingly non existent.  We are bombarded by Hollywood, TV and media pushing all imaginable perversions and corrupt messages.   In fact, I’m sure you can think of many other examples where you see our society going down hill.  Where are our values?  Erosion has occurred, our values are under attack.

Win without Fighting?

When we focus on Flourishing and Prospering, concentrate on doing better, out do what we just did, move our statistics up in life and flourish meaning, develop rapidly and successfully, thrive, this drives the suppressive or oppressive element crazy!  All they want to do is smash us down, but when you expand, move forward, excel, do better and succeed their little minds explode!   Win without fighting using these values of Flourish and Prosper.


Play Offense Instead of Defense in Promoting American Values

It is easy to sit there and point out the faults of this country and say look this moral is down and that value has fallen.   I’m

teacher in Mexico with happy kids teaching basic moral values bringing society up
If Mexico can do it, so can we!  Teach basic American moral values to bring society up!

doing something on the offense instead of sitting there and complaining about it and being the effect of this subversive, subtle and snake like infiltration of communistic views.  Let’s get active and involved and on the offense and start promoting and living by a higher moral standards!  We have to start sharing this, the Way to Happiness book and talk, teach and live by the precepts that are in it.  


Ammunition and Tools to Fight Back!

It is time to fight back and bring back American values.  Get your FREE ebook now:   Start teaching better morals and values in our homes and schools.  Furthermore, I have found a great building block to rely on for common sense

values.  This is a little booklet (small book) with the core values that bring American people back to traditional, fundamental morals and values that we can all agree upon.

big group of people holding Way to Happiness booklet, helping teach and bring back basic American values
Get your The Way to Happiness booklet!

As a result, this is a significant feat since disagreements can easily manifest when approaching religion.   Luckily this booklet is non secular, it’s construction allows and gives the moral precept (a general guideline) to respect all religions, thus avoiding conflict and contention in that area and bringing peace in its place.

More Tools to Fight Back

Fight back, get your bullets of standard moral values and start sending them out!  Get your FREE Way to Happiness Info kit.  Click link:  Let’s pick America up by the bootstraps and make this place great again.

We are infiltrated by socialistic and communistic values in our schools, movies and daily life.  What I have found is a common sense guide to better living, a small booklet that has brought millions all over the world peace, happiness and better living all over the world. There are 21 precepts (general rules) which is a guide to happier living, called The Way to Happiness.


Teaching Our Youth Basic Values

What is exciting is there is a kids version of the Way to

Making Good Choices booklet held up by young girl in Texas teaching the basic moral values in the book.
Teaching basic American values is easy anyone can get involved and teach them.

Happiness called, How to Make Good Choices, it is much simpler to understand.  Down load your free How to Make Good Choices ebook here.  Incorporate it into your curriculum at local schools or while you home school.  This is non secular, not relating to any religion.  That is why it is so perfect it can be taught anywhere to anyone.  For instance, this is the perfect way to combat Critical Race Theory, CRT.


The Way to Happiness program is the way to increase your morals and standards.  Presented by Chris and Kelly Watkins:

  1. Take Care of Yourself
  2. Be Temperate
  3. Don’t Be Promiscuous
  4. Love and Help Children
  5. Honor and Help Your Parents
  6. Set A Good Example
  7. Seek To Live With The Truth
  8. Do Not Murder
  9. Don’t Do Anything Illegal
  10. Support A Government Designed and Run For All The People
  11. Do Not Harm A Person Of Good Will
  12. Safeguard And Improve Your Environment
  13. Do Not Steal
  14. Be Worthy of Trust
  15. Fulfill Your Obligations
  16. Be Industrious
  17. Be Competent
  18. Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others
  19. Try Not To Do Things To Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do To You
  20. Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You
  21. Flourish And Prosper


Why are American Values Important

We are on solid ground with these 21 common sense precepts which are guide lines to living a happy, ethical life.  This booklet has no agenda to push, it just instills decent values that all humans should live by.  Who would not agree with, “Do not Steal” or “Be Worthy of Trust”?  These are just 2 examples of what is contained in this incredible booklet.  Also aligning with our American values is “Be Industrious

image of huge red rock coming out of flat plains with the words Be Industrious in the middle of the picture
“Be Industrious” is a key basic American value

and “Be Competent.”  You can see these values in the standard of products we make.  Travel to any other country and you will see the level of quality in all they make fluctuate greatly.  In America all we do has a certain level of quality the rest of the world seeks.


The Value of Religion

I want to explain a concept that Americans are fundamentally at a higher level in their conduct and outlook than communistic countries.  We are really blessed with the fact that we have freedom to believe in any religion we choose.  Those without a religion are lowered to a materialistic level with nothing higher to strive for than thinking they are animals.  Thank goodness America has the value to worship any religion that person chooses.  Freedom of religion gives America the beacon of hope that so many respect and dream about.  I say any religion is better than no religion, because religion lifts us up and civilizes us as a society.  That is why I love the precept in the Way to Happiness:  Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others.


On a Higher Level

In general, America is a more high level society than other countries and we need to continue to be uptone and upbeat.  Everyone wants to come to the USA because we embody freedom and the American Dream.  In a stunning contrast, Communism is a social construct that is low level living and thinking.   Ideas not Battles mark the forward progress of Mankind. L. Ron HubbardThe world is emerging into a more higher level, this book, the Way to Happiness accentuates and bolsters that and brings society stably onto a higher plain. 


The Great Awakening

We need to embrace the Great Awakening, a movement that brings the truth of how we were controlled by evil from the top down.   A spiritual war is going on between good and evil.  A lot of people are fighting to get the truth out.  The main stream media is not telling us the truth and the big tech companies are censoring our speech.  I recommend finding citizen reporters on Telegram and tons of other platforms, because we are the news now.  I intend to bring you a weapon to fight this evil and keep America at a high level:

We Need to Stick Together

Moreover I also want to make clear it is not all the people in those communistic countries that are bad.  80 percent of people are good and 20% could be considered antisocial.    For most people evil is hard to confront.  At times it is hard to detect these antisocial people, no worries, click the link to see 12 specific antisocial traits:   The majority of people can agree on the principles presented in The Way to Happiness.  That is all we need because we are the majority, the evil ones are the minority.  We will over come when we all work together to promote better morals and values.

As a matter of fact we do not need to tear each other up or fight each other.  To emphasize, Americans need to stick together and not be divided, now more than ever.  It is cool again to love and be proud of your country and to have patriotism.


Family Values

Primarily this is what I want to push, this is the American value I want to validate:  great families and happy loving stable contributing couples with awesome children– the building blocks of our American society.

silhouette of family jumping for joy at the ocean sun in the background
the Family unit one of Americas basic values

Above all this has never gone out of fashion and it is only getting stronger.  By way of contrast, the agenda that the  Hollywood and main stream media is pushing is that same sex relationships are cool and everyone should just bow down, can’t say anything about it and we all have to accept it.  It is so tiresome.   I mean they have lobbyists in Hollywood making sure each creative project has enough gay representation in each project.  (I saw that in a video I was watching from  Hollywood insiders.)  Yes, what I say is controversial and that leads me to this next point…

Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion

Admittedly, the value America enjoys the most is freedom of

image of USA with FREE SPEECH ZONE written on it in red white and blue
Freedom of speech is one of our most cherished values


What I like most about the Way to Happiness is that it teaches Respect.  Respect others beliefs.  Respect others religious beliefs.  This allows the amazing discourse of ideas without fighting!  Naturally respect of others beliefs is the answer, the key, the foundation for getting along with others.


Additional American Values

Honesty is important.  “Seek to Live with the Truth” this is the Way to Happiness precept (a precept is a general rule or guideline) that will add value to American life.  Other American values of freedom of speech and the right to bear arms can relate to Try Not To Do Things To Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do To You   20. Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You   For instance when we follow these two simple precepts the worry about how people will act and about repercussions of their actions drop away.  In addition, more calm and peace are restored by following these concepts.


Liberty and Freedom

Especially we cannot forget about liberty and freedom!  Virtues like these can not be forgotten.  Particularly these along with the American dream are all so sought after.  Values like theseimage of all USA symbols: statue of liberty, bald eagle, American flag with words home of the FREE are a part America’s fabric.  Moreover, the rest of the world yearns to live like Americans and does just about anything to get here.   For instance, the average American citizen, including myself, takes for granted what we have given to us here.  It is not until recently since we have been threaten with our freedom of speech being censored and other communistic type morals pushed down our throats, that we have stood up and garnered, bolstered and held strong to all our great American values we so cherish.


Set a Good Example

kids painting over graffiti in example of set a good example
“Set a good example” a good American value to exhibit

Indeed, we have been given a chance to rise up and fight for

what is right, true, fair and just.  For example one way we can do that is  “Set a good example.”

This is the best way to lead by actions.  To clarify, this is one of the precepts in the Way to Happiness and a great American value we must continue to uphold.


Good News!

Where is the backbone of core values we need?  Presenting you with exactly that, Chris and Kelly Watkins give you The Way to Happiness program which is the 21 core values we need to bring back basic American values.  Hence, it can be found all in one place, in one great package.   Get all the core values you need here:   Your survival is important to us, please take advantage of all we offer.  Feel free to comment below and connect with me, Kelly, on social media, let me know if this info helped you:

How are you going to make the world better and bring back basic American values?

working together mom and daughter prepare a turkey. Words say you are important to others you are listened to you can influence others.
Chris and Kelly Watkins care about you and want America to be great again!


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  1. This is wonderful!! THE WAY TO HAPPINESS is one of the most important books every written. It certainly changed MY life! It’s brilliant of you to pair this powerful little book with the concept of restoring our true American values! I love it, and I will be contributing to this movement!

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