21 Ways to Deal with the Culture War and Win!

In light of recent upheavals, everywhere you look in society, we have to deal with the culture war, which consists of good verses evil, but have no fear the good side is winning.  The culture war is real, we are hit on various different levels to erode and distort decent values in society, yet the positive, uplifting side is winning!

The Great Awakening has exposed forces in society that have been steadily moving us toward an evil outcome of succumb, depopulation, death and destruction.  Chris and Kelly Watkins are excited to give you 21 ways to deal with the culture war.   As a matter of fact, we give you tools and technology, at no cost to you, to combat this constant erosion of cultural values.

The winning method of dealing with the culture war is, The Way to Happiness, a 21 step common sense guide to better living.  It comes in 17 languages.  Millions of people all over the world achieve a better more common sense way of living thus obtaining happiness using these steps.

In these hard times we need love and unity.

Significantly, unity should be our main focus.

            two little kids hugging at the beach. Words on the picture say, "This world does not want to be saved. It wasnts to be loved, that's how you save it."
Do you need words of hope and encouragement?

Chris and Kelly Watkins offer you hope, happiness and love with The Way to Happiness program:   LiveHappyForYou.com

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silhouette of a girl jumping for joy. Words say, "Win without War... Flourish and Prosper."Happy is Healthy

Everyone knows happiness helps you be more healthy.  With this in mind, get Happiness Instantly!  You pay nothing.

Moreover, happiness is the key to combat, fight and deal with the culture war.  Not to mention, when you are happy there is no war!

By all means, take this FREE online, common sense, happiness class:    http://bit.ly/WayToHappinessFreeOnlineClass


How to Kill People with Kindness

Notably, you do not have to fight against those that oppose you.  Just do better than them!  There is no need for fighting.  Surpass haters by growing, advancing, expanding and doing better than them!

picture of a smiley face. Words on the picture, "Be happy in front of people who don't like you. It kills them."


Accordingly, when you rise above and do better than the enemies, they sink and can’t get to you.  Subsequently, happiness is the ultimate weapon, it kills them with kindness, because you have just left them on a lower plane of existence and more importantly you did not even have to touch a hair on the enemies head.





The Offense Move in Dealing with the Culture War
Chiefly, creating a parallel economy and a parallel everything existence is the big offense move we can make in this culture war.  More and more of that is showing up.  In dealing with this culture war big tech and entertainment names are heaped in a dumpster, like: Disney, Marvel, Facebook, google, etc.  Those big tech and entertainment companies are loosing money due to the fact that they continue to sew culture with succumb and decay values trying to actualize their depopulation agenda.  Consequently, we have the antidote, 21 common sense values:  Watch The Way to Happiness Video:



Combating the Trans or Woke Mafia

In fact, the enemy pushes the trans and gay agenda which is non-survival and ultimately forwards their depopulation agenda.  In contrast, the average citizen is not having it.  To illustrate, the entertainment revenue is constantly and continually eroding and crashing with every woke movie and show released.  Add to that the biggest classic example of “Go Woke Go Broke” Bud Light’s worlds worst epic fail.  Bud light thought it could shove the trans movement down American’s throats.  The result was a blood bath for the Anheuser Busch, Bud Light company they lost billions and billions of dollars.

The general population is about surviving, being positive and prospering.  Further bolstering and fortify that are these common sense values applicable to everyone, in addition to conflicting with no one:  https://livehappyforyou.com/bring-back-basic-american-values

Nothing Gets Us Down!

Nothing Can Get Us Down!

picture of a lady smiling with her arms back the sun shining on her. Words are, "Live happy for you LiveHappyForYou.comBy all means, these are the unstoppable wins in how you deal with the culture war:

“My life has totally change because of your words and advise from The Way to Happiness program.
Your good works surely speaks for you, Kelly Watkins.
I learned a lot from the 21 steps of the Way to Happiness program!
I realized that in life we should not have low self-esteem.  Normally some people will hate or envy you, make you feel inferior.
But, if you have high self-esteem, which you get through the Way to Happiness program, then you’re more than what they think.  You win and we all win.”  – Frank


Notably, some areas and communities reduce crime and criminal activities by up to 50% by distributing the Way to Happiness booklet to people.  After all, I mean are you not sick and disgusted that companies have to go out of business because they are bankrupt from so much stealing, out ethics and low morals.  By and large, you can stop this here and now, this whole blog contains all the counter measures necessary to reverse this dwindling spiral.  Ultimately, here is the solution, with no fighting necessary!  Indeed, this is how you win and deal with the culture war:  Download the Free WTH (Way to Happiness) eBook

For example, here is a video showing stats of how the use of this program has reduced crime and benefited people:

Win the Culture War against the Mutilation of our Children and the Trans-de-Population Agenda

Love and Help children picture allows you to deal with the culture war. Mom with happy smiling little girl.
In particular, we can combat the gender inversion agenda of the satanist with this small, powerful innocuous Way to Happiness booklet and program.  Specifically, we must reinforce the moral principle to love and help children, this is just one of the easy to use, common sense lessons in the program:
In addition, here is also a FREE kids version, with out doubt, great for Home Schooling, of the 21 step common sense program:   https://bit.ly/HowToMakeGoodChoicesEbook

Bright Future for Humanity! 😃  Children get Happiness Lessons!
teacher Mat can deal with the culture war by standing with student holding the way to happiness book, on chalk board holds the way to happiness program

To demonstrat, teacher, Mat, shares his win, “Hello, please receive warm greetings from me.  I wish to extend my sincere thanks to you, Kelly Watkins from Los Angeles,  for your time that you entrusted to me as you’ve helped me to know The Way to Happiness.  In addition, great appreciation for the learning materials you sent to me about The Way to Happiness. I delayed distributing them due to the lock down in my country and at least now it has eased somehow and that’s why I started the program about The Way to Happiness by distributing the books.
Happiness Program Successfully Launched
On the first day, thirteen learners (13) were present and received the learning books whereby they appreciated and welcomed the program with lots of pleasure.
I’m humbled to have you as my great friend and I request you to help me reach my dream that is “to be a blessing to others, especially children.” In the first place, I love children ministry so much.  You may not help me with money, but you help me reach my dream to bring them a brighter and more happy future.
Thanks for your response and may God bless. Kind regards!
Included is a photo showing what took place on the learning about The Way to Happiness.” – Mat
Get your FREE the Way to Happiness info kit here:


cartoon picture of people hand in hand encircling the earth they deal with the culture war and win!


“I want to express thanks to Kelly Watkins for sharing with me the Way to Happiness program and bailing me out of such a predicament. As a result of browsing throughout the internet and meeting methods which are not pleasant, I figured my entire life was gone. Without the approaches to the difficulties you have sorted out by your article, the 21 happiness steps, it could have adversely affected my career if I had not noticed your LiveHappyForYou.com website.  Your own knowledge and kindness in touching all the details was valuable.  I’m not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t come upon such a program like this.  I’m able to now relish my future.  Thanks so much for the high quality and amazing guide.  I won’t hesitate to suggest your web site to anyone who ought to have tips on this problem”  -Scott S.




Call to Action!

Definitely, USE and SHARE The Way to Happiness program, in conclusion, it is the winning solution in how to deal with the culture war!


The Way to Happiness program, presented by Chris and Kelly Watkins:


  1. Take Care of Yourself
  2. Be Temperate
  3. Don’t Be Promiscuous
  4. Love and Help Children
  5. Honor and Help Your Parents
  6. Set A Good Example
  7. Seek To Live With The Truth
  8. Do Not Murder
  9. Don’t Do Anything Illegal
  10. Support A Government Designed and Run For All The People
  11. Do Not Harm A Person Of Good Will
  12. Safeguard And Improve Your Environment
  13. Do Not Steal
  14. Be Worthy of Trust
  15. Fulfill Your Obligations
  16. Be Industrious
  17. Be Competent
  18. Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others
  19. Try Not To Do Things To Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do To You
  20. Try To Treat Others As You Would Want Them To Treat You
  21. Flourish And Prosper


picture of way to happiness logo with a lot of words that are virtues on it, deal with the culture war



“Sometimes others seek to crush one down, to make nothing out of one’s hopes and dreams, one’s future and oneself…  

If one flourishes and prospers, one certainly will wind up the victor.”      The Way to Happiness, L. Ron Hubbard



Author Bio

Kelly Watkins, who writes these blogs and Chris Watkins her husband, HELP PEOPLE
In all ways possible I do my best to move people up to a more high level.  A key point is, I offer free guidance and education to influence and inspire others to greater levels and heights.  Truly, Chris and Kelly Watkins want you to be super successfulWe are based in Los Angeles, California.



picture of chris and kelly watkins, they deal with the culture war.







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