Common Sense Methods to a Better Life
21 Happiness Steps called

The Way to Happiness by L. Ron Hubbard
shared by Chris and Kelly Watkins

Congratulations for wanting more in Life!

These Happiness Steps produce profound betterment.  Some people and areas achieve 50% drop in crime, drugs and immoral behavior.  

Rise to a better condition in life rapidly.  

In these times it is more important to stay happy and positive than ever before.

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  • Happiness increases your health
  • 100% effective steps to a better life
  • Reduce crime, drugs and bad decisions
  • Bring peace and calm to your life and area
  • Combat demoralization of society
  • The Way to Happiness book comes in 17 different languages

Current research indicates the cycle of crime starts as early as elementary school.   

What happens at home and in school during these tender years, make all the difference in a person’s ability to successfully graduate from high school, make an honest living, achieve their goals and avoid a life of crime.

“If one’s aims in life are worthwhile, if one carries them out with some attention to the precepts in this book, if one flourishes and prospers, one certainly will wind up the victor.”

– L. Ron Hubbard, The Way to Happiness

True joy and happiness are valuable. The Way to Happiness booklet was written with the 21 precepts (general rules of action) to bring true happiness to yourself and others you know.

It is in your power to point the way to a less dangerous and happier life.

Understand The Way to Happiness with this Official Way to Happiness video

True joy and happiness are valuable.

The task of revitalizing the present culture requires a worldwide organization placing The Way to Happiness booklets into the hands of every person on Earth.

You can help in this movement to replace conflict and violence with reason and calm by sharing The Way to Happiness booklet with everyone you know and love.


The Way to Happiness Helps Africa! "Truth is, The Way to Happiness is helping many people in Africa. Here in Africa we have got a lot of challenges: drop out of school, early marriage, etc. All those things are happening because of poverty and the only solution we can use to make people to understand that they can have better life is this book of The Way to Happiness. We change others lives through The Way to Happiness! I am happy to be part of this group because am also victim of some problems that young youth are facing in African countries." Elen is in Malawi, a friend of Kelly Watkins in LA. Kelly helped her get the Way to Happiness info.
Ellen K.
A Way to Happiness activist
How The Way to Happiness Helped Kelly W. in USA "I didn't know how to treat people. Do I get ahead in life by being mean to people, was that the best way to act? The Way to Happiness gave me the answer in how to treat others. I feel confident my actions are right and produce the best interactions with others. Now I know my behavior and actions are giving me the kind of reactions I want back in my life. Kelly Watkins in Los Angeles loves The Way to Happiness and has helped thousands of people with it."
The Way to Happiness spoke to my Soul! "The first lesson I taught my students from The Way to Happiness was: Take Care of Yourself. The message was speaking to me directly. It was very touching. It's really touching the 1st lesson. Now I realize what you (Kelly Watkins) are able to do. You're very powerful. You're mighty for getting out this information. The Way to Happiness booklet speaks directly to my S O U L I told to my students that the booklet will help them to build a new person inside themselves. The students were very happy. They wanted to have more booklets."
"They told me they never learned Happiness content at school." 😃 Rabin, a teacher, gave The Way to Happiness lessons to children and adults. Rabin reports, "The children were really happy to learn about the Happiness program. They told me they didn't learn that type of content in their school. The adults liked the general things that where defined about a happier life, they really loved the content. They got a very motivational vibe from the words and morals of the book. I am stronger from my inner heart and have more willingness to share with others, that is what The Way to Happiness gave me."
Artist and Teacher

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